Wednesday, July 27, 2011

I make TTC fun!

I've been doing an OPK project this cycle. It involves glue and cardstock, but only because I couldn't find tape and regular paper. So yea...Andy made fun of me and asked what kind of new art project I was doing. My friend Roxanne saw thjs and thought they were pregnancy tests so she asked if I had something to tell her. No, no I do not. I actually get excited to get off work to take my daily OPK and glue it to this:

 I'm a dork!

I started testing at CD7 onward, and today is CD13. Which means tomorrow should be the big O day based on my previous cycles. Don't hate me but I usually have perfect 28 day cycles, and O on the same day each month..or so I thought, I'm not so sure anymore.

I have yet to get a positive OPK this month, which should be okay as long as I get one today. I could have gotten one already but missed it on the OPK because I'm taking these babies around 5:30pm everyday when they suggest that you take them late morning, or early afternoon. LH (Lutenizing Hormone) is secreted during the night, and wouldn't show up in your FMU so they suggest testing late morning. I could be missing my LH surge altogether by testing so late in the day, but it's doubtful.

By the way, if you want to know what all of these terms mean that you can google them, but then again you probably shouldn't be reading this if you don't know what they mean. Ha.

The recommended times don't exactly work for me since I work full-time, and there is no* way I'm going to be dragging a paper cup, and dipstick OPK into the work bathroom.

*And by no way, I mean that I probably will do this next month if this month doesn't work out for us.

I'm a bit scared though. What if I'm not ovulating? If I find that I'm not (through OPK's or temping), I might be ready for that Clomid after all.

Is it sad that I'm not even in the 2WW yet, but I'm already waiting? Right now I'm in the 2WW to O. I've been counting down those lovely days just to O! But if all goes according to plan, the earliest* I plan on testing will be Sunday, August 7th.

*And by earliest I mean the earliest I will tell you that I'm testing, because I'll most definitely test before this, but for sake of sounding like a crazy person, this is the earliest date I'm testing.

So that's about it! Nothing else new on the TTC front, except that everyone I know is pregnant. Ok, not really. But really.

Wanna chart stalk? My Ovulation Chart

I think it's purty. I'm kinda obsessed and keep looking at my chart just to start at it, as if I'll get some new magical fertility dust by looking at it long enough. Oh and I did end up getting a VIP membership (but only for three months). I hope I won't need to use it much longer, but it's fun so far.


Wendy said...

Well, my dear cousin, it seems I am now joining you in this. Normally, I'd go the "let nature take it's course" route.

However, the hubby wants a boy (naturally). So we're going to give the OPKs a shot and go with the method you suggested.

OMG... I'm going to the doctor tomorrow... To get started...