Thursday, July 21, 2011


There was no cause for concern after my ultrasound today and we can continue trying this cycle, phew. I do have 4-5 fibroid's, but they are very small and not located anywhere that would affect implantation. He also doesn't suspect any scar tissue problems either - but I'm still not understanding why I would be cramping in between my period and ovulation? Like today for example, I'm super crampy, but my period just ended and ovulation is a week away. Ugh. And my boobs are sore?

Some funny things I learned today - my uterus has a "text book" measurement and it is tilted back. Tilted back?! I vaguely remember hearing this at some point during my pregnancy with Carter, but it confused me. The tech said it was no biggie, kind of like a left-handed person, or someone who has blue eyes. You bet I'll be doing all sorts of googling on tilted uterus's after I post this. The tech also commented that my right ovary was very cooperative (as in taking a picture of it cooperative), because, you know, sometimes they aren't.

And he's been pushing Clomid on me, which is great that I have that option when I need it and don't have to wait until next March for it, but I don't think I need it yet. It hasn't been that long, and as my doctor says, you only have a 24% chance of conceiving on any given month for a completely healthy 25 year-old. Well I'm 28, overweight, with a previous c-section and D&C surgery. I think those bring my odds down a bit so I'll give myself more time before I start using fertility drugs. But there is a small part of me that wants to start Clomid now because I want to do anything to do boost my chances of conception, but I won't.

I did a reading with Cheri 22 (the baby psychic) earlier this month. A friend posted her reading on her blog, and I kept hearing about Cheri on my message board groups so I couldn't resist. I'm not putting too much stock in this, but for anyone that is interested, here is what she had to say. She did a reading on Carter first, and then her baby predictions for the future:

Carter born 09/24/2009.

When it comes to your son, hes going to have a hard time with saying no. You will find him to be the type that will always work hard. Putting that extra time and effort into something to ensure that it goes well. You will find him to be a bit of a perfectionist and it drives him crazy when something does not work out as he has planned it. I am seeing him as someone who is willing to do it again and again until its perfect. Hes not one to take things too personally so if something does not work out, hes okay with it. Often willing to try it one more time and see what happens. Hes someone who is realistic, so is often willing to change the direction that he is doing something or how he sees it. Never willing to just stop something because it did not work out at first.

When it comes to your son, hes someone who is not about make believe. He has a hard time believing something that sounds completely far fetched. He would rather have scientific concrete evidence. Hes someone who is often good with researching things online. Willing to take things into consideration, not about to start a fight over something he does not believe, but before he discredits what someone is saying, he will look it up.

hes always really interested in how things work. Fascinated with the way things change, how its altered, the physical properties.. anything related to science and how things work is what makes him happy. He loves science related shows. They show something on tv (not sure if its on now). but sorta like "sid the science guy". its going to be a show for kids, that give them experiments to try, really opens their minds.

When it comes to career paths, they show him linked to working for a company that does research and testing on products that are already out. Ensuring their safety and compliance with standards and codes.

When it comes to marriage I am seeing him closer to 28. They will have two boys and one girl of their own.

BOY - AUGUST so this is either birth month, conceive month or the month you find out in

When it comes to your son, hes someone who is always going to be kind. he tries to say the right thing. Hes always the type of person w ho is always going to expect good things to happen and will always work towards that. Not wanting to disappoint anyone, often agrees to more things that he can handle. I think that you will find him to slow it down a bit, and then realizes how to make things more organized. Hes someone who is often going to see the good in people and an excellent judge of character. Often surrounding himself with like minded people. Always the one that has a few best friends (both male and female). I am seeing him as someone who is not afraid to try something and find out later it sucks. Often able to laugh at his own mistakes as he learns what he wants out of life.

When it comes to your son, I am seeing him as someone who tries hard, is someone who is often very observant and really does understand what is expected from him. He is always trying to live up to the expectations that not only are put on him, but ones that he puts on himself. You will find him to always enjoy meeting new people. Hes calm mannered person and willing to give everyone a chance. I would consider him to be someone who is motivated and wanting others to see what they are capable of. The one that people seem to turn to when they want sound advice.

When it comes career paths, they show him linked to working in a sales related position. I do believe that he is good at his job because he tells you the truth. He would only deal with things that he knows/trusts, and people can see that in him.

When it comes to marriage I am seeing him closer to 28. They will have one girl and one boy of their own.

I'm not really sure what to think about the reading. I've heard that she has been accurate in some instances and completely off on others. It's really just for fun, but I'm a sucker for this type of thing. I also read my horoscope everyday and visit psychics often. Fun fact. I thought it was interesting how the number 28 come up twice (which is my favorite number), and that I'll be having two boys. Honestly, I'd be happy with either gender, I think what is meant to be will be, and if that means I'm destined to have all boys, so be it! I'm cool with being the queen of my castle. Yea, I said it. :)

I really should work today, so off I go. If you get a reading, link me up. I'd love to hear about it!


Amy said...

Good news about the u/s! Hopeful for both of us!

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Yay, I feel the same!!