Monday, July 25, 2011

22 Months

Carter Andrew is 22 months old (as of yesterday)!

Which means, I'm an emotional wreck.

His next doctors appointment isn't until September so I don't have an official weight or height since his last. I'm guessing he is 25-27 pounds, he's still small for his age but I think he looks just perfect for his height.

Carter is still wearing 12-18 months, but some of the 12 month clothes are finally getting a bit too small. New clothes are being purchased at 18 months. It's nice that we've had almost a full year of Carter wearing the same size. Yes he has definitely grown during that time, but he was able to stay in the same size. I didn't have to buy very much for him this past year. Our wallet thanks you son.

New words this month? Carter says "PLEASE" now. I've been trying to get him to say please and thank you for the past year, and the other day when he wanted his vitamins (they're gummy so he loves them) he reached his hand out and said please, which sounded like "peeeeeaaasss." How can you say no to that? He has since learned to abuse it. When he wants something from Andy or I, he grabs our hand, gives us a puppy dog look and says "peas". We can't say no to a boy who is using his manners!

Other new words: Airplane (he is obsessed with them and when he scribbles he points to his scribble and says "airplane!"). He seems to be picking up new words daily. But he will not say words on command. Every once and a while he will be in a mood where he will repeat ANY word we ask him too, or he'll at least try. Love it. He also throws his arms up in the air and yells "HOME" every time we pull in the drive way.

He still refers to Dadda and Roxanne as momma although it's happening less frequently and for the most part he is calling his dad, Dadda. He's still a momma's boy and that's fine with me. :)

He is still picky on the food front, and barely eats. He loves apples, but he doesn't seem interested in bananas anymore. I know he won't starve himself so I try not to make a big deal about food. He also discovered ice-cream this month, and he is a fan.

Dear Carter,

Yesterday marked your 22 month since your birth. What a whirlwind these past 22 months have been. You have a zest for life and want to experience everything around you. You are so curious and have a bit of a feisty determination. You are a perfectionist from what we can tell by the way you have to perfectly align your toys, or rocks, or blocks. You get frustrated easily if you can't figure something out. But you are also very silly and goofy. If you could crack jokes, you would. You find some things just down right hilarious, and love to laugh. You make silly faces at mommy and daddy to get us to laugh. You can give me a kiss when I ask for one. Sometimes when I'm in a mood or having a bad day, I look over at you and you give me the most genuinely happy smile, that it makes me smile too. You like to snuggle your head into my shoulder when you want your momma. When I pick you up from daycare, you yell "MOMMA" and when I lift you up you snuggle your head into my neck and leave it there until I put you in the car.

I don't think your father and I realized just how incredible you were going to be. Your father tells you all the time that you are just the coolest kid in the world. You are witty and charming, both things I never new a 1 year-old could be, and you are, and so much more. I know we both feel lucky to be your parents.

Carter, I love you so much that it hurts.



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