Friday, June 24, 2011

21 Month Update

My baby is 21 month's old today! I find the giving his months as his age kind of obnoxious when others who don't have toddlers ask how old he is. When I give them the months they give me a confused face and start doing math. Now I just say almost two, and they nod.

At 21 months my baby:

-Wears 12-18 month clothes still! But the 12 months are finally getting a little snug.
-He can count to 3 (but really I think it's 5, he doesn't like to do things on command)
-He loves to draw, color, and do art of any kind.
-His favorite movie is "The Little Nemo," and he says Neeemoo when he wants to watch it. He also thinks Dori is really funny, and the part when Nemo is taken away by the boat is scary.
-His favorite sentence is "Oh no, it broke!" He uses this in all kinds of situations.
-He went to his first movie this month! It was Rio and he lasted an hour.

-He still takes off his shoes every chance he gets.
-He likes to eat cheese, bananas, apples, raisens, and dried fruit (go me!).
-But he also likes to eat french fries and ranch dressing. (mommy fail)
-He discovered how to pick his nose the other day. I discovered him analyzing the contents of his "dig," ew.

I had written a much more extensive update but blogger deleted it, boo. So this will do for now. I love you baby boy! Stop growing!


Amy said...

ahhhh he's getting too big!