Wednesday, June 8, 2011


I forgot to do this yesterday (ok I didn't really forget, I was distracted by something else) so I wanted to get this in before the day starts:

3 DPO Symptoms

Fatigue: Nothing out of the ordinary.
Cramping: None that I can remember.

Headaches: None.

Boobs: Nada.

Nausea: None. But I wouldn't expect any this early anyway, it's always started for me around 5 weeks.

Vivid Dreams: I had a very vivid dream that I flew to Virginia to see my friend Laila and her so Brahim, and Roxanne was with me. We stayed in a casino and I remember wandering around for hours trying to find my favorite slot machine. It felt super, super real to me at the time (I was like oh, wow I totally forgot I was coming out here and forgot the name of my hotel). I usually don't remember this much detail, but it could be atributed to Carter waking me up by crying. I heard you remember dreams more if you are woken during them.

Test: Too early, but I ordered my Wondfo cheapies so they should arrive tomorrow, and I hope I can hold out until at LEAST 8 dpo (ok probably 7).

Notes: I was super busy yesterday so I didn't get a chance to really think about how I was feeling. Remember how I mentioned there might be an amazing opportunity that would cause my not to TTC this month? I didn't think it was going to pan out and our fertile window was closing soI decided not to put my life on hold hoping something may or may not happen. Well, it might happen now so if we get a BFN this month it won't be as disapointing (but deep down I'll feel a little worried that something is wrong), but this opportunity is sooooooooo worth putting our plans on hold.

The 4 DPO will come later tonight. And hopefully a fun blog post in between as to not bore you with a million DPO ovulation posts back to back.

L O V E. - M