Wednesday, June 22, 2011

To Do

I have this never ending "To Do" list that revolves in my head. I need to buckle down and knock these babies out one by one. I'm so tired of complaining about what I WANT to do and what I'm not doing. Today I'm making my list, and then I'm making a plan of execution. Maybe you can all help cheer me on? I'm going to seperate them into categories; Home, Self, and Work. And a mini Carter to-do list. :) I can always be better.


Goal : To re-decorate each room of the house and begin our home improvements we've been talking about since we moved in.

1. Buy new couch and matching slipcover for arm chair
2. Re-decorate living room - need curtains, possible rug, new desk, new bookshelf, new dining table, and art.
3. Sell all of the old above furniture via garage sale or Craigslist.
4. Paint Living room
5. Kitchen - buy some new art, possible re-tile (maybe my friend Amy can show me how when she's finished doing hers)
6. Organize closet under stairs and don't get killed in the process.
7. Organize kitchen drawers and cabinets, buy new dishes
8. Organize garage
9. Make Andy organize garage
10. Buy new bedding for our bed and new dresser's for me (yes plural). Organize closet, and buy new artwork for above our bed.
11. Go through Carter's things to give away
12. Buy prints of our favorite pictures and hang more / change out Frames
13. Organize upstairs Bathroom cabinets (both bathrooms)
14. "Toddler-fy" Carter's room with a toddler bed and toy chest / Paint
15. Take my car to the dealer for some minor work
16. Look into car and home re-finance
17. Buy Andy new car
18. Hire gardner to help spruce up our mini front lawn and plant grass.*already looked into
19. Paint bedroom
20. Install hardwood floors downstairs and possible new tile in bathrooms


Goal: To take better care of myself to make sure I am being the best possible version of myself that I can.

1. Lose Weight, goal 50 lbs. weight loss.
2. Do more weekly meal planning and cut our grocery budget down to $100 a week (right now we're over $200 A WEEK).
3. Pack a lunch to work every day (allow one day a week out for lunch - hey, that's realistic for me)
4. Go to the dentist. Stop putting it off!
5. Look into possible invisalign and teeth whitening. Not happy with one or two crooked teeth. I had braces when I was young but was horrible about wearing my retainer. Regrets.
6. Go to the dermatologist and have my skin checked out.
7. Go to a therapist. At least for one month to talk about miscarriage and other issues.
8. Save more money / spend less.


Goal: to better my work performance and job environment.

1. Get new desk.
2. Organize and clean out work desk.
3. Re-decorate office with new art, fake flowers, etc.
4. Come in at 7:30am each day, and leave at 4:30pm.
5. Make sure to be caught-up by Saturday of each week, and work weekends if not.
6. Work on a 48 hour mandatory turn-around time on quoting.
7. Improve my monthly sales by $2,000. Aim higher each month, not just to meet my draw.
8. Improve relationships with everyone.
9. Be #1 at all times


1. Make dentist appointment
2. Practice counting & ABC's more often
3. Read to him more often
4. Ween off nighttime bottles
5. Start potty training
6. Introduce more fruits and veggies (not just the ones I know he likes)

So that's about it. I know I'll be adding more as they come in. It seems a bit overwhelming all written out, but not doing anything is just making it worse. I can accomplish one of these a week, right?!

That'll be my goal. One thing a week. Done. This week my goal will be to organize my kitchen drawers and look into some curtains for the living room.  I totally can do. I'll keep you posted!

And if anyone has any awesome DIY tips on installing hardwood floors or tile yourself, please let me know!


Amy said...

That's a LONG list! But I think you can do it if you do one small thing a week. Good plan.