Thursday, June 30, 2011

I'm Practicing!

Tonight was my mom's weekly 'Ladies Night' group get together. We try and meet once a week for drinks, food and girl talk. I brought Carter tonight along with my camera because I wanted to get in some practice time with my camera. One of my goals this year is to learn more about my camera. I've taken millions of photography classes, but unfortunately I didn't retain much information (and this was back when we had to develop actual "film").

I've finally been reading my photography and camera books, and I can happily say these were all taken with my auto switch off! I'm looking forward to my vacation (leaving Saturday) so I can snap a bunch more, and hopefully I'll confidently stay off the auto button for good!!

Here are my faves my my little photo session at Ladies Night last night:

I know the lighting was a bit off, but I kind of liked the effect it was giving me. I haven't edited any of these yet.

One of my main reasons for getting some "practice" in is that my friend Lauren (from Lauren West Photography) and I are starting a 31 Day Photography Challenge for July! More on this later. Lauren is such a great photographer and I am so excited for the opportunity to challenge myself and learn more about my camera. 

Anyone can join so keep an eye out!