Tuesday, June 14, 2011

It Ain't Over Till It's Over, right? Right?!

I need some comfort here. Technically I O'd late Saturday night on June 4th, that would make today 9 dpo and tonight would officially be 10 dpo. With my previous pregnancies I had a positive pregnancy test at 10 dpo, and I saw very, very light lines at 9 dpo. I had the most INSANE symptoms last week, like really intense symptoms that couldn't be explained otherwise, they were not imaginary. BUT the test this morning was negative and all those symptoms are gone (except for fatigue). I know it's still REALLY early, and I probably sound like a crazy person. I could of implanted late, yada, yada, but I'm feeling discouraged. I know it's possible conception did occur and implantation did not. Maybe that's why I felt all those symptoms? I know I still have a really good chance and it's too early, but I'm slightly bummed because I hoped to see those light early lines. This is why you shouldn't test until you are late. I know. I get it. I have no self control.

If we were, I had a plan to tell our in-laws next month in Massachusetts, and announce on FB on August 16th our former due date (12 weeks), and .....

I know I'm jumping the gun here and I don't feel completely out. We'll wait it out and see (what other choice to we have?). If we're not, I hope that other kinda amazing opportunity thing plays out, I'm glad I didn't give up on that. Wish I could say more. Please let one of these things happen. Okthatsall.