Friday, June 10, 2011

I didn't think this through

Soo, while I really enjoy posting my DPO symptoms (because I like reading about other women's experiences), I didn't really think it through. What happens if I do get that BFP? Do I just do my regular post and then let the world know? I'm not sure. I'm definitely apprehensive about telling people because of our previous miscarriage, but at the same time it wasn't awful that everyone knew (and at 13 weeks we were already passed that "yoursafegotelleveryone" point). But at the same time, I'd like to tell certain people in person (like family). Sooo how about a deal? I'll keep posting my DPO symptoms, and you just promise to keep it off Facebook. Capish?

Today I'm not feeling so hot. My head is throbbing, I can't see straight, I'm tired, and feel like vomiting. I can't focus on anything! I want to punch a lot of people in the face.

I took a bite of a donut the other day and spit it out because it tasted like bacon. Seriously it did! And then these fries I took a bite of yesterday tasted like mustard. So the point of this is that I eat too much crap, and I must be knocked up. Even Roxanne said to me "I know Michelle, and I know pregnant Michelle, and right now this is pregnant Michelle." But let's wait on the congratulations and excitement because we should sorta confirm this. And can someone make this awful headache just go away please?

Oh and it's Friday, lovely sweet kind Friday, how I love you so. Is it bedtime yet?