Saturday, June 4, 2011

Saturday Morning Lovies!

I've been trying to get Carter on an earlier bedtime schedule because we could really use the extra down time at night I know he could use more sleep, but last night he fell asleep in the car ride home at 8pm on his own. This is an hour earlier then his normal bedtime of 9pm and I told Andy to put him right to bed. He thought Carter was going to wake us up ridiculously early, but I thought he wouldn't because he should be sleeping 12 hours a night. I, of coarse was right, and Carter slept peacefully from 8pm - 7:30 am! We all had such a great sleep and Carter woke up babbling and happy, no tears. Helllllllooo happy toddler.

*please excuse his bed hair. And his awful haircut from mommy. I was rushed.

After changing him, I came downstairs to see this lovely sight:

Andy was making Blueberry pancakes for the fam, umm yes please. I'm so used to being the cook in the house that it always kind of shocks me when Andy cooks. It's a little ironic because he was a chef when I met him. But I love cooking so much that I really don't mind.

Happy Saturday!! I finally get to see Hangover 2 today and I am oh so excited!

Now off to go get my pancakes ... Xx