Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Carter's 2nd Birthday, help?

HELP ME! Carter's 2nd Birthday is just over two months away. I know I shouldn't be making a big deal over a two year-olds birthday, but I just can't help myself. Last year, after his 1st birthday party, I told myself we would NOT be making a big deal out of his 2nd birthday because it was just too exhausting for us all. I promised Andy a laid back BBQ, nothing special. Well, well, all I have dancing in my head is party decor, cake ideas, a milk & cookie bar (ooooh fun), balloons, prints, invitations, table ideas, and so much more. Help me.

I need some theme ideas! I'm toying with doing a Mickey Mouse themed party because he loooves Mickey, but then again I did a red color theme last year for his farm party, and the thought of Mickey everywhere kind of makes me a little nauseated. BUT I could try my darnest to not make it so sickening. These are kinda cute, originally pictured here:

But I also like the idea of a monster themed party my friend Amy emailed me about...

Or I don't have to do a theme at all, just a color palette.

Eh, I'm at a loss. Any ideas?


Jakeandjess said...

I think the Mickey theme is cute! Especially since your little man lorveesss the mouse. Maybe just play off the colors (red, black,, white, and yellow) a little Mickey here and there.

happy owl erin said...

those cupcakes are so cute! but my friend did a Monsters Inc. type theme party and all the guests wore their jammies and had slumber party food. It was really cute!!!

aNd! said...

Whatever theme you do you should look into cakepops as they are the new cupcake. Check out she makes the cutest things.

kaelah beauregarde said...

I'm partial to Mickey because I looove Minnie, but a monster theme could be soo cute! I love those cupcakes! xo