Saturday, June 18, 2011


Whatcha think of my new blog layout? It's kinda sexy huh? No?

Eh, today has been super busy. I'm feeling really drained right now. Carter, my mom and I went to a birthday party for a 4 year-old today (the granddaughter of my mom's best friend, Jill). It was an adorable "Tangled" themed birthday and Carter was in party heaven. Can you tell from these pictures?

Can you tell which one belongs to me? 

Yea, he's pretty awesome.

And his Grammie ain't bad either.

This just made me more excited to plan Carter's next birthday. I love parties. Ok, I think I just love cake. Is it sad that the first thing I think about when going to a birthday party is that I get to eat cake? 

After the party Carter and I worked on a very special Father's Day present for Andy (pictures to follow tomorrow), and did some Target shopping. What a fun happy day!

P.S. Thank you Instagram for making all my pictures look so lovely all the time.